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Spray Foam Insulation in England and South Wales

Icynene Energy Saving Insulation

Insulation keeps heat in during the winter, however not many people know that it also keeps heat out in the summer. Spray foam insulation helps you keep the inside of your property cool and therefore saves you from spending money on other, expensive cooling methods such as air conditioning units.

Our Icynene spray foam ceiling insulation will significantly reduce the amount of heat from your ceiling space that transfers through to your property. The insulation creates a thermal barrier that effectively reduces heat leaking out of your home in the winter while also helping you keep your house cool in the summer.

The main benefit of having insulation in the summer is that your are not running air condition units and fans to get the temperature you want. By filling wall cavities we can help you save up to 15% on your energy bills.

It is also environmentally friendly, as you are not using power to operate the AC units and therefore you are not burning fossil fuels which contribute to the greenhouse effect. Furthermore, Icynene spray foam insulation will reduce noise levels as the insulation acts as sound proofing, making your property a great deal quieter.