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Spray Foam Insulation in England and South Wales

Icynene Energy Saving Insulation

For attic insulation, we use Icynene, which will deliver over 50% greater energy savings than any other insulation on the market. Icynene expands completely filling all cavities and voids eliminate air leakage and infiltration. Other types of conventional products do not meet air barrier standards when it comes to loft insulation. They are unable to sufficiently stop air flow and leaks the way Icynene Spray Foam does. This Spray Foam is the most suitable form of insulation for your attic space in both new build and existing homes.

Using Icynene Spray Foam will create a more usable loft space for your home, ensuring the roof is sealed against draughts to provide a cleaner and warmer attic.

Icynene Spray foam is suited for 1.5 storey and dormer style homes that have numerous areas which are difficult to insulate and air seal. Conventional insulations will not provide the same level of performance in these particular situations and crucially will not provide the high level of air tightness delivered by Icynene.

In an existing dormer or 1.5 storey home, Icynene spray foam insulation can be easily fitted to the difficult to insulate areas such as crawl spaces and closed sloping loft sections using our unique cannon tip application method and in areas which are totally inaccessible, it can be injected through the plasterboard and can also be fitted on the horizontal attic floor and in all other situations; it will deliver huge energy savings in your home.

Icyene Attic application

Icyene Attic application