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Spray Foam Insulation in England and South Wales

Icynene Energy Saving Insulation

If you are looking to insulate your property in East Sussex then why not consider hiring Eco-Spray Foam Systems Ltd. We use cutting edge Icynene spray foam which has been proven to insulate buildings up to 50% more effectively than traditional insulation products. Effective insulation can be extremely beneficial and save you a lot of money on heating bills and repair costs. According to recent statistics around 40% of a home’s energy is lost by air filtration through gaps in ductwork, windows and doorways. Filling these gaps with spray foam will significantly heat up your property during winter while keeping it cool in the summer. Furthermore, insulation will also keep your rooms dry, preventing mold, burst pipes and buckling hardwood floors as a result of unwanted moisture. Traditional insulation methods are outdated and often contain substances that emit harmful fumes such as formaldehyde. Spray foam is not only a good deal healthier, but is also a lot more effective and easy to use.